Helping People

We believe we have an obligation to leave our communities better than we found them. Since the creation of Peoples Bank, one of our core philosophies has been, and remains, the dedication to helping those in need. That means helping our Guests and helping our fellow Bankers, but is also means helping the members of our communities who need it most. And while we may not be able to “save the world,” you’ll always find us trying to save part of it.
  1. Bunk beds

    …sometimes it’s easy to lose. The other week I was heading home from a longer-than-typical day at work. The Kansas air was humid with three-digit temperatures, and brought with it a sense of stillness.  I drove east, heading for the sanctuary of my home. It’s a small one bedroom loft, but it’s mine; and more importantly…it’s safe.

    But what if I had no where to drive to?

    What if my only option for safety was to leave my home for a charmless room belonging to someone unknown?

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