We’re Passionate

About Our Culture

And our values shape our unique culture. They guide our daily interactions with each other and with our Guests. What can you expect from us?


An intense, emotional desire to succeed and serve others
  • Inspire others to be their best
  • Provide superior service to create Raving Fans
  • Demonstrate care and compassion for our Bankers, Guests and communities
  • Embrace great ideas no matter where they come from

Uncommon Service

Generously giving of our time and talent to advance the wellness of our Bankers, Guests, communities and stakeholders
  • Treat others as we would our respected “Grandma”
  • Act as servant leader to the communities in which we serve
  • Create financial partnerships which are mutually beneficial
  • Serve as a “trusted advisor” to our Guests
  • Act in the best interest of our Guests when selling products and services


Creating a culture of enjoyment and cohesion through laughter, humor and celebration
  • Exhibit a sense of humor which allows us to take ourselves lightly while continuing to take our jobs seriously
  • Create “a-ha” moments which add personality to the Guest experience
  • Celebrate the success of ourselves, our fellow Bankers, and our Guests
  • Provide a friendly environment in which all are encouraged to be creative and unusual
  • Incorporate daily choices that promote physical and mental well being


A unified culture that encourages diversity of thought and viewpoints
  • Share successes and credit others for contributions
  • Proactively share decisions with those affected by the decision
  • Respectfully compare or offer alternatives, points of view, options or opinions
  • Clearly communicate ideas and encourage collaboration
  • Take the time to develop, support, and maintain, positive, work-related relationships

Transparent Integrity

Our actions reflect our high ethical standards
  • Build trust by communicating in an open, honest and respectful manner
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our actions and outcomes
  • Honor the trust of those we serve
  • Consistently do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Never compromise our values


Provides a world-class Guest experience
  • Demonstrate consistent commitment to exceptional quality
  • Hold self and others accountable for outstanding results
  • Model professionalism
  • Deliver and support superior service and product-review
  • Promote and value a culture of continuous improvement

Here's more of what we believe in...


Mission Statement

"To provide Financial Wellness to our Guests by serving their best interests while improving our Communities with high profitability per Guest and resulting increase in Stakeholder value."  

Vision Statement

To  become the best Community Financial Center and bank of choice in each market through high Guest loyalty with the Grandma Test and high Banker Job Satisfaction.  

The Grandma Test

All Peoples Bankers will treat our Guests as if he our she was our own respected Grandmother.