Additional Products

& Services

Idle funds are expensive, and managing them can be time consuming. Here are some additional products and services that can help your money make more money. And isn’t that what it’s all about?
This photo depicts a typical day in Ottawa, KS at the turn of the 20th century. (Peoples is pictured in the forefront)

Cash Management

With Cash Management, your business can gain unprecedented flexibility and in-depth access to your accounts. You can initiate ACH transactions and transfer funds worldwide, simplify payroll processes by uploading batches of ACH files for automated direct deposits, help control fraud by controlling which employees can log on to perform which functions, and automatically verify issued checks.

  • Initiate ACH transactions
  • Upload NACHA-compatible ACH file for processing - great for payroll processing!
  • Create Wire Transfers

Review a Cash Management Demo.

ExpressLane™ Remote Deposit

Peoples Remote Deposit Image Capture scans checks for electronic deposit into your Peoples account from your business office.

  • Deposits made quickly and conveniently
  • Fewer trips to the bank
  • View deposit amounts and images of all checks scanned front and back
  • Multiple deposits per day along with a later cut-off time
  • Your funds are processed almost immediately and deposited directly into your account

QuickEarn™ Lock Box Direct Invoice Payment Service

Dramatically reduce the time and money your business spends processing checks. Your customers send their payments directly to your QuickEarn™ Lock Box account at Peoples.

Wire Transfers

Need to transfer funds from one place to another? Wire transfers enable your business to transfer money from your account to almost anywhere in the world.

Night Deposit Box and Other Services

You may not need them every day, but when you do, these services are here for you at Peoples. They include a secure night deposit box, Notary service, coin counting and wrapping, traveler's checks, money orders and cashier's checks, Federal tax deposits, telephone banking and transfers, stop payments and check collections.