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Mobile Text Alerts For Your Debit Card
PB Text Alert

We’ve got another way to help avoid fraudulent use of your Peoples Bank Debit Card; Peoples Bank Text Alerts. When you sign up for Peoples Bank Text Alerts, you’ll receive the text message, “PBTXT” on your mobile device every time the following occurs: 

  • A purchase of $300 or more is made with your card
  • A total of seven (7) or more transactions occurs within a 24-hour period
  • Any transactions are made outside the United States
  • Any transactions outside the state in which you live
  • Any transactions in which your card is not present and information is exchanged over the internet, phone or mail.

If the purchase and transactions are legit, you do nothing.

If the transactions are not legit, simply respond with the provided code within 12 hours of receiving it. (Important: If you do respond with the code, your Peoples Bank Debit Card will be deactivated immediately. You will then need to contact us and arrange for a new debit card. This can be done in-person or over the phone.) 

Reminder: If you’re planning travel or purchases outside the US, just let us know in advance. You can then use your debit card just like when you’re stateside.

Like our other online and mobile banking service, Peoples Mobile Text Alerts are offered at no charge.*

Sign up today for Peoples Bank Mobile Text Alerts for your debit card.

Note: Enrollment in PBTXT Alerts is good for one year. As your expiration date approaches, you will receive a renewal text message notification. In order to renew your enrollment, simply reply to the text message.

*Message and data rates may apply. Check your cellular phone plan.