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  1. Banking Unusual Goes South!

    We’ve packed our sunscreen and swim trunks and are heading down to the Sunshine State!  That’s right, Peoples has opened our newest Mortgage Division, called Integrity Home Loan, in Florida.  Longtime Florida Mortgage Banker Matt Malloy will serve as President of Integrity Home Loan and he’ll be joined by approximately 80 of the best & brightest Mortgage Bankers in the state.

    Welcome to our unusual family, Floridians!!   We’re happy you’re here. Read More …

  2. Welcome to Peoples, Steve!


    Peoples Bank Welcomes Mortgage Banker Steve Summers to our Mortgage Team

    Peoples Bank is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Summers as a Mortgage Banker.

    Summers is familiar with competition. Prior to his mortgage career, he was a member of the Kansas City Comets. In 2004, he left soccer and became a full time mortgage lender. Most recently he worked at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Chase and First Mortgage Solutions. Read More …

  3. Happy President’s Day!

    In honor of President’s Day we put together some fun facts on one of our favorite U.S. Presidents.  Hope you enjoy.


    We’re open today if you need us!  It’s just one more way we’re “Banking Unusual” Read More …

  4. Love is in the Air

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!  We were going to write you a “roses are red, violets are blue” poem, but we didn’t think that was unusual enough for you.  So here is a Valentine’s Day haiku

    Warm cookies and hugs

    Our Guests feel like our family

    Unusual love

    Have a day full of love and know that we appreciate you everyday.




  5. Winter Wonderland

    The snow has stopped and the final count here in Lawrence, KS is 14 inches.  Most of us have managed to shovel out of our homes and into the bank.  However, there could be changes to your local branch’s normal hours.  Before you bundle up and head to the bank, please call ahead to make sure we’re there.  If so, you’ll be rewarded with freshly baked cookies and warm coffee.  And if not, don’t worry- you can always access your account and funds 24/7 via online banking and ATM.

    Contact your local branch here.

    Stay Warm,

    Your Bankers