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Road closed sign

Dear Peoples Bank Guests,

Spending authority for the U.S. government has expired. Emergency spending measures are expected to be reestablished.

If you are a Peoples mortgage Guest, please know Peoples Bank has been working with government agencies to determine the appropriate actions to ensure continued loan production and normal business operation during a government shutdown. While we cannot predict the total effect of a shutdown at this time, we are closely monitoring the situation and reviewing the potential impacts. We expect that most Loan processes will continue with business as usual. We will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate for potential impacts and will communicate any identified changes in Peoples Bank requirements.

Standard conditions will still apply including tax transcripts. As more information is made available by affected agencies, we’ll provide you with the proper steps to continue sending your business to Peoples Bank.

If you are a Peoples banking services Guest, we do know the FDIC continues to operate normally Your funds continue to be insured as they were before the shutdown. At this time we have no reason to believe that any other core banking services will be impacted but we cannot guarantee that changes won’t occur. We ask you to check back periodically, or feel free to contact your local Peoples Bank location with questions.

The safety and soundness of your funds and the orderly execution of your financial service needs is our priority. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this period.

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