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…sometimes it’s easy to lose. The other week I was heading home from a longer-than-typical day at work. The Kansas air was humid with three-digit temperatures, and brought with it a sense of stillness.  I drove east, heading for the sanctuary of my home. It’s a small one bedroom loft, but it’s mine; and more importantly…it’s safe.

But what if I had no where to drive to?

What if my only option for safety was to leave my home for a charmless room belonging to someone unknown?

Too many times, this is what happens to victims of domestic violence.

So, our Lawrence Bankers partnered with a local non-profit, Willow Domestic Violence Center. Willow provides shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Our Bankers ‘adopted’ a room at one of the Willow houses and performed an “extreme makeover”. The idea was to add color, comfort, and a bit of hopeful cheer to women and children who so desperately need it. Based on the photos below, I think they accomplished their goal.

If you are interested in helping, or are in need of a safe place to stay, you can read more about Willow by visiting their website at 


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