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Taos Plaza

Dear Wint,

I realize I have a Raving Fan story to tell you.  It goes like this:

The year was 2009.  My husband and I had recently bought our first home and wanted to take advantage of the recession-era refinancing opportunities.  At the time, we banked at a Goliath Bank (which we won’t name), and knew we didn’t want to refinance with them.  We searched all over town for someone who would refinance our FHA loan and found Peoples Bank.  We had a great experience….

2010 – Fast forward a year.  We were pregnant with our first child, and a friend who worked at Peoples wanted to throw us a baby shower.  Where else, but in the Peoples Bank lobby….

2011 – Fast forward another year.  My husband and I decided it was finally time to leave the Goliath Bank.  We researched all the banks in town and made an educated decision that Peoples Bank was where we wanted to go.

2012 – Fast forward another year.  I was an employee of an area non-profit, and the Peoples Bank Community President, Maley Wilkins, agreed to join my Board of Directors.  It was that time when I learned about the Grandma test when she assisted with the organization’s marketing plan….

2013 – Fast forward yet another year.  I had just accepted the position of Executive Director at a small local non-profit agency that happened to already be a Peoples Bank customer.  Before my start day, the agency had its annual fundraiser, and during the live auction, my husband and I purchased a week’s stay at the Taos, NM Peoples apartment….

Today I sit, five months later, in the Taos apartment with my family enjoying a well-needed vacation.  While in Taos, the local market manager, Mary Friday, has set me up with a babysitter so my husband and I can go out for a date night—the daughter of a local employee, no less! As is clearly understandable, I have become a Raving Fan of Peoples Bank.  I’m too young to say I feel like you’ve treated me like your favorite Grandma, but I can say I feel like a favorite sister or aunt!!

Thank you to: Bryan Culver, Katrina Chatman, Maley Wilkins, Judy Juneau, Brenda Bazil, Mary Friday, Alley Barajas, Alley’s daughter Brianna and the many more Peoples Bank employees who have been part of my experience!


Taken from a letter written to:

Image of Wint Winter Jr.
Wint Winter, Jr.
CEO & General Counsel

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