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  1. We’re Heartbleed Free!

    You’ve heard recently about the discovery of a software vulnerability referred to as “Heartbleed”.  This issue could allow unauthorized access to normally protected information.

    Peoples Bank has performed rigorous vulnerability checks on our systems. We have found no evidence that any customer/Guest information has been compromised or that any of our systems have been accessed improperly.  We have also verified that our strategic partners are also protected.

    To further protect you and your information, we strongly recommend you immediately and regularly change passwords that are used to access content on the Internet, such as online banking, mobile banking, email, websites, social media, and mobile applications.

    The safety and security of your information and funds is always our priority at Peoples. We will continue to monitor our systems to ensure your information is secure. If new, relevant information develops on the “Heartbleed” issue, we will communicate that to you as well.

    Should you have any additional concerns about “Heartbleed” or any other banking matter, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks for banking with us,




  2. ATMs and Your Security

    You might have heard recent speculation on the safety of ATMs.   Peoples Bank is aware of news reports regarding the risks of ATMs that use the Windows XP operating system. While the version of the operating system is one security consideration, Peoples is addressing risks with a in-depth defense strategy that extends well beyond the operating system of the ATM. Please know that the security and safety of your information and funds is our top priority. We are constantly addressing this risk and other risks with our ATM vendors and security experts to protect the security of our customers.

  3. Roll out the Orange Carpet

    Every year we at Peoples hold an award ceremony.  The idea is to celebrate Bankers who went above and beyond in 2013 and accomplished something truly spectacular.  We call this event the Peoples Promise Awards and we have award categories ranging from “Mortgage Banker of the Year” to “The Chairman’s Award” (the latter is our most distinguished and coveted award).

    Want to know who won?!?!  Well then start the drum roll, and scroll down to see the winners: Read More »

  4. Banking Unusual Goes South!

    We’ve packed our sunscreen and swim trunks and are heading down to the Sunshine State!  That’s right, Peoples has opened our newest Mortgage Division, called Integrity Home Loan, in Florida.  Longtime Florida Mortgage Banker Matt Malloy will serve as President of Integrity Home Loan and he’ll be joined by approximately 80 of the best & brightest Mortgage Bankers in the state.

    Welcome to our unusual family, Floridians!!   We’re happy you’re here. Read More »

  5. Happy President’s Day!

    In honor of President’s Day we put together some fun facts on one of our favorite U.S. Presidents.  Hope you enjoy.


    We’re open today if you need us!  It’s just one more way we’re “Banking Unusual” Read More »

  6. Love is in the Air

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!  We were going to write you a “roses are red, violets are blue” poem, but we didn’t think that was unusual enough for you.  So here is a Valentine’s Day haiku

    Warm cookies and hugs

    Our Guests feel like our family

    Unusual love

    Have a day full of love and know that we appreciate you everyday.




  7. Winter Wonderland

    The snow has stopped and the final count here in Lawrence, KS is 14 inches.  Most of us have managed to shovel out of our homes and into the bank.  However, there could be changes to your local branch’s normal hours.  Before you bundle up and head to the bank, please call ahead to make sure we’re there.  If so, you’ll be rewarded with freshly baked cookies and warm coffee.  And if not, don’t worry- you can always access your account and funds 24/7 via online banking and ATM.

    Contact your local branch here.

    Stay Warm,

    Your Bankers


  8. Snow Day!

    A winter storm blanketing Kansas has led to an early closure for all Peoples Banks in NE Kansas.  Our drive-thru will remain open until 4pm CST, and our lobbies will be closed at noon.  Our trusty online banking will be up and running 24/7 so please head there if you would like to check account balances, transfer money, or pay your bills online.

    Please plan to do your banking ahead. ..and then bundle up with your favorite blanket, whip up a warm hot chocolate and turn on your Netflix.  We’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.

    Stay warm & safe,



  9. He Had a Dream

    Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day!  Today, we celebrate the dream MLK had…and we also celebrate the dream that we can each make this country a better place.  It is a great day to reach out to local Non-profits to see how you can help.


  10. Resolved for a New Year Change?

    Join us as we expand our unusual family.  We’re always on the search for Mortgage Bankers who are knowledgeable, kind, and just the right amount of unusual. Read More »