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Topic | Food Friday

  1. Food Friday – Cinnamon Rolls

    First Day of School Recipe

    Yuummmm.  Warm, delicious cinnamon rolls are the perfect beginning to celebrate your child’s first day back to school. And what’s even better is that you can make these ahead of time to get some extra sleep in the morning. Your kids will thank you. Read More »

  2. Food Friday – Key Lime Pie

    Summer Recipe Card- Key Lime Pie

    As Peoples Banker, one of our core values is “passion”.  We have many passions, and among them is the passion for food.  So we invented what we call “Food Friday”.  Everyone from the office brings food and between helping Guests,we rush to the breakroom to stuff ourselves with the vast culinary delights of Food Friday.  Inevitably, these recipes are demanded to be shared.  And since we love ya, we want to share them with you as well. Read More »