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Topic | Philanthropy

  1. Community Responds to Just Food Appeal With 30,000 in Challenge Grants


    If Just Food can raise $30,000 by September 30th, they will receive an additional 30,000 from two challenge grants, $25,000 from an anonymous community member and $5,000 from Peoples Bank. The matching grants are meant to get the local organization out of the hole created by its former director, Jeremy Farmer, and continue its mission to help those in need in Douglas County.

    The Just Food Board Members previously contributed a collective $10,450, and the Crowdrise fundraiser has collected a total of $8,515. We are calling on community support to help to help us take advantage of the entirety of the $30,000 in matching grants.

    In August 2015 alone, Just Food served 3,290 unique individuals. On average, Just Food has 120-200 clients walk through our doors each day. We need to make sure our doors stay open so these families can access one of the most basic needs, food.

    Visit our Crowdrise campaign at or our website

    Use the hashtag #30by30 or #helpjustfood


    Contact: Nancy Thellman


    Contact: Elizabeth Keever (Just Food)


  2. Perspective

    willow 6

    …sometimes it’s easy to lose. The other week I was heading home from a longer-than-typical day at work. The Kansas air was humid with three-digit temperatures, and brought with it a sense of stillness.  I drove east, heading for the sanctuary of my home. It’s a small one bedroom loft, but it’s mine; and more importantly…it’s safe.

    But what if I had no where to drive to?

    What if my only option for safety was to leave my home for a charmless room belonging to someone unknown?

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  3. Help for Oklahoma


    We are collecting donations for the American Red Cross.

    Thanks for your help.