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Topic | Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Help For Hurricane Victims

    American Red Cross Hurricane Symbol

    Drop your donations for hurricane relief efforts at any Peoples Bank location.

    Peoples will match donations totaling up to $2,500.00. Money collected will be sent from Peoples Bank to the American Red Cross relief efforts.

  2. Community Responds to Just Food Appeal With 30,000 in Challenge Grants

    Just Food

    If Just Food can raise $30,000 by September 30th, they will receive an additional 30,000 from two challenge grants, $25,000 from an anonymous community member and $5,000 from Peoples Bank. The matching grants are meant to get the local organization out of the hole created by its former director, Jeremy Farmer, and continue its mission to help those in need in Douglas County. Read More »

  3. A Labor Day Thank You

    Thank you

    On a day designed to honor workers, I want to say “thank you” to all our Peoples Bankers:

    Thank you for rising to the challenge and making Peoples a better and stronger bank.  Thank you for always remembering how important our Guests are, and continuing to give Grandma excellent service.  Thank you for remaining confident and optimistic even when the road gets tough.  Thank you for never saying “no” and instead, searching for creative ways to say “yes”.   Thank you for respectfully challenging each other.  Thank you for the early mornings and late nights.  Thank you for learning and adapting.  Thank you for making Peoples Bank a success.

    Your Raving Fan,


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  4. Perspective

    Bunk beds

    …sometimes it’s easy to lose. The other week I was heading home from a longer-than-typical day at work. The Kansas air was humid with three-digit temperatures, and brought with it a sense of stillness.  I drove east, heading for the sanctuary of my home. It’s a small one bedroom loft, but it’s mine; and more importantly…it’s safe.

    But what if I had no where to drive to?

    What if my only option for safety was to leave my home for a charmless room belonging to someone unknown?

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  5. We’ll Miss You, Chair.

    Man with mountains

    Today we say goodbye to a man we love and respect.  A man who took us from one small country bank in Kansas, and set us down the path to where we are today.  We miss you and couldn’t be more proud to call you our beloved Chairman Emeritus.

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  6. Happy Spring!

    Happy spring

    Spring Fever has hit Louisburg!  To celebrate the long-awaited beginning of the season, Louisburg Bankers delivered daffodils to various businesses around town.  And as if beautiful yellow flowers weren’t enough, they threw in a couple of our warm chocolate chip cookies.   Our Bankers were pollinating the town with happiness the same way bees pollinate flowers.  Ahhhhh, Spring is in the air!

    The earth laughs in flowers.

    — Ralph Waldo Emerson