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Topic | Raving Fans

  1. A Labor Day Thank You

    Thank you

    On a day designed to honor workers, I want to say “thank you” to all our Peoples Bankers:

    Thank you for rising to the challenge and making Peoples a better and stronger bank.  Thank you for always remembering how important our Guests are, and continuing to give Grandma excellent service.  Thank you for remaining confident and optimistic even when the road gets tough.  Thank you for never saying “no” and instead, searching for creative ways to say “yes”.   Thank you for respectfully challenging each other.  Thank you for the early mornings and late nights.  Thank you for learning and adapting.  Thank you for making Peoples Bank a success.

    Your Raving Fan,


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  2. Raving Fan Corner – Peoples Througout the Years

    Taos Plaza

    Dear Wint,

    I realize I have a Raving Fan story to tell you.  It goes like this:

    The year was 2009.  My husband and I had recently bought our first home and wanted to take advantage of the recession-era refinancing opportunities.  At the time, we banked at a Goliath Bank (which we won’t name), and knew we didn’t want to refinance with them.  We searched all over town for someone who would refinance our FHA loan and found Peoples Bank.  We had a great experience….

    2010 – Fast forward a year.  We were pregnant with our first child, and a friend who worked at Peoples wanted to throw us a baby shower.  Where else, but in the Peoples Bank lobby….

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  3. Raving Fan Corner – California Dreamin’

    Kelley house

    This Raving Fan letter was sent to us from a beautiful family living in Southern California-

    Dear Peoples People,

    We did it! I’m amazed it all worked out, but we are back in our dream home, and we could not have done it without your help.

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