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  1. Home Depot’s Debit Card Breach

    The Home Depot

    Peoples Bank learned late February 6th, that some of our Peoples Bank debit cards that had been used between June 1st 2014 and September 30, 2014 at Home Depot locations may have been compromised with unauthorized, fraudulant charges.  We have deactivated all Peoples Bank debit cards whose history indicated activity at any Home Depot stores during those dates.  This may include may include your current Peoples Bank debit card.

    To clarify, Peoples Bank’s information security has not been breached.  This only affects cards used at Home Depot between 6/1/2014-9/30/2014.

    We ask that you please call or visit your local Peoples Bank location during normal business hours, so a Peoples Banker can answer any questions and assist you with the re-issue of your debit card(s).  We apologize for this inconvenience.  We are deactivating affected cards for your protection.