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Man with mountains

Today we say goodbye to a man we love and respect.  A man who took us from one small country bank in Kansas, and set us down the path to where we are today.  We miss you and couldn’t be more proud to call you our beloved Chairman Emeritus.

I am sad to announce the passing of the Founder and Chairman of Peoples, Wint Winter Sr.  After an extended bout with Alzheimer’s Disease, Wint died Saturday in Lawrence, Kansas. He was 82.

Wint was many things and led a full life .  But for us who work at Peoples he will be remembered mostly for founding a company that began as a country bank in Ottawa Kansas in the early 1970s and spread to Colorado and New Mexico later that decade. That country bank has grown to now employ a thousand banking and mortgage professionals across the nation, representing the fruits of this earnest, colorful and hardworking man we called “The Chairman” out of respect for what he had accomplished and set in motion.

And for those of us who had the pleasure of working with The Chairman, we will cherish the memories and experiences of working with a gentleman as unique, creative and energetic as they come. Services for Wint will be Thursday in Ottawa and there are places to give memorial contributions at the end of the obituary if you want. But I can tell you that in Wint’s spirit I might suggest another sort of memorial. I once saw a bumper sticker on the back of Wint’s pickup – he was a materialistically simple man and always drove white, American made pickups – that said something about “committing random acts of kindness.” If you want to do something in the Chairman’s name I would suggest committing one of these acts of kindness this week in his name – silently because he wouldn’t want the credit – and making the world just a little better.

He did.

-Written by Steve Stingley, President of Peoples Mortgage, Colorado, and Wint’s Son-in-Law

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