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Scenic view

America has voted; our favorite state is California.  The Golden State was also voted “Craziest”, “Hottest Residents” and, in a twist, the “Most Overrated”.  Congrats to our oh-so-beautiful Bankers in California who contributed to the “hottest resident” victory.

Take a look at this hilarious and informative poll published by Business Insider.  I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know which state was the “Drunkest” and which has the “Weirdest Accent”.

Right?  That’s what I thought.


I demand a recount in the “Worst Scenery” category…see exhibits “A” through “E” below.  Ad Astra Per Aspera, fellow Kansans!


OctoberEveningExhibit “A” “B” “C”


Exhibit “D”


Exhibit “E” 



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